Bam Anchisa P.

From the previous experiment, make me rethinking about the idea that how can I make my work to communicable. I went to Awakening Bangkok Exhibition and I see some technique from the project name “Hi & Seek”. They use stencil paper which have some drawing on it then light up the flash from the top to the floor and the drawing will screen on the floor.

“HI & SEEK”— Awakening Bangkok 2020

Make me come up with the idea by using a layer of transparent paper.

Personality question — AR Interactive

My topic is about Self-construct and my possible outcomes would be an interactive that the audience can participate with the AR Interactive platform which aim to let the audience to find and explore themself

Then I want to use 7 terms of self-concept, which from the book that I have read before, named “sense of self” that was about Self, Self-Concept, and Identity by applying in the term of self explore the question.

The next step, I plan to create a question platform that references from 7 terms of self-concept to ask the audience to find and explore themself at the beginning before move to the next step with AR interactive.