Open Studio II— Feedback

To recap, my project is about “Identity and Self-construct”

My possible outcomes would be an interactive work on virtual space that the audience can participate with the AR platform or projection mapping, aim to fulfill the audience needs and wish in the way what they want to make it happen but it can’t happen in reality.

I have 4 experiments that I try to create in both artwork and interactive work. The first one is a transparent paper that can choose to flip, the next one is lenticular that can see in two sides in a different way, the next one is an apprience wheel that people can choose their body image and the last one is AR interactive filter that people can choose the element that they want. After the experiment and I was thinking if I was an audience, I think it is too direct to let people just choose the element and can be what they prefer.

Then I have an idea that I was interested in self-concept before which is also being a part of my curtain topic. I will use 7 terms of self-concept, which from the book that I have read before, named “sense of self” that was about Self, Self-Concept, and Identity by applying in the term of self explore the question. Then, I plan to create a question platform that references from 7 terms of self-concept to ask the audience to find and explore themself at the beginning before move to the next step with AR interactive.

From the feedback that I got, the self-concept test is as like personality test and most of those it take long time and long process to explore the self and it also quite hard to prove that who is he/she actually. Well, my solving is I will deep more research about this and find out others way to communicate my idea but I still keep the interactive idea to create my work because bace on my experiment and the research it is the best way to imply my idea concept.